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ARghhhh [Friday
December 4,2009 4:09 am
[ mood | tired ]

Grrrrrr. It's nearly 4am and I am still awake. The pain in my legs is so bad that it's keeping me awake. I've already done phases 1-3 for my sleep. I'm out of phases (and ideas)!!!

Phase one: Muscle relaxers along with all other nighttime drugs. Usually does the trick.
Phase two: Sleeping pill. Works when phase doesn't to the job.
Phase three: BOOZE!

I'm gonna go get some more etrog schnapps, because that's the only stuff we have in our house.

Stupid pain messing up my life.

Tonight sleep and I, along with our buddies drugs and booze will declare a minor battle against pain. WE WILL WIN !

(I'm watching the War is the H-Word from Futurama)


November 16,2006 12:46 pm
[ mood | cranky ]

Dear God,

Thank you for the invention of the footnote, and the fact that because it takes up so much room on a page, it can bump a four page paper to the required five.


It rather irks me off that 2 out of the 3 papers required for my (senior level) history course have been bullshit crap. I do not see how writing a 5-page review of one of our history texts is of much importance, other than to show the professor who actually bothered to read it. You know what? It's been rather apparent through the semester who has been doing the reading and who has not. In my opinion a research paper is more apt. It allows the student to expand their knowledge of a specific topic covered in the course. Instead I am stuck blathering on for five pages on what I think of the book. I could probably summarize the entire thing in a paragraph. I love history. It's my passion. I feel that in a history class, especially one that is upper-level, a student should be required to explain and interpret facts, rather than give their "feelings" on a textbook or primary source.


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October 10,2006 11:38 pm
[ mood | complacent ]

This pretty much reminded me why I really do love humanity. It's an easy thing to forget and get frustrated at. As sappy as this seems, knowing there are people on this earth, like this man, reminds me that there is hope and goodness really does exist,

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Happy Birthday to Meeeee. [Thursday
August 24,2006 5:32 pm
[ mood | content ]

I'm 19. Much coolness.
For the first time since the day I was born my Hebrew Birthday and Secular Birthday coincide.
Hats are for losers.
Except Adi and Pavel. Granted they still are losers (except for Adi she rocks), but they are cool losers for wearing hats in my honor.

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June 20,2006 11:02 pm
[ mood | pissed off ]


Fucking Mavs.

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May 10,2006 7:17 am
[ mood | devious ]


I am never going to hear the end of this from certain friends (*cough* JustinandJerry*cough*).
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YAYYYY! [Wednesday
March 22,2006 9:56 am
[ mood | ecstatic ]



I'm such a whore for Starbucks.

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teh broomball [Sunday
February 26,2006 7:20 pm
[ mood | amused ]

Pavel, your hair looks like shit:

Image hosting by Photobucket

I don't totally know who that girl is, but she goes to UTD and I found the picture on Ran's facebook and went...hey I know that girl in the backround...ITS MEE. and then I noticed the fallen mohawk that was turning into a MULLET.

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Sha la la la la la means I love you.... [Tuesday
February 7,2006 8:35 pm
[ mood | annoyed ]


Why is the following (my student ID) dubbed "Oh fuckoff you."

Image hosting by Photobucket

A. Because I was annoyed at the fact that I had to get a damn CometCard to use the library.
B. I had to get the CometCard to check out Faust.
C. The man taking the photo was irking me.
D. I was angry because instead of studying I was making a CometCard.
E. I always look that snarky.
F. I didn't want to smile with my mouth open because I was afraid my teeth would look bad.
G. All of the above.

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Long time no post.... [Thursday
February 2,2006 1:36 am
[ mood | blah ]

My Dad turns 50 today.

I was hoping to be able to throw a big shin-dig for him, but alas with the state of things (or lack thereof concerning my house) it's kind of hard.

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Well it has come to this.... [Friday
November 25,2005 4:25 pm
[ mood | tired ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Feel free to friend me, I'm not at all particular.

Thank you so much ramblingmadman for use of the [amazing] photograph and the banner.
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November 22,2005 4:46 pm
[ mood | lethargic ]

I refuse to properly update my journal until I’ve finished Friend-Locking all prior entries, and there are a lot more of them, than I realized. So I’m going to keep this running commentary in Word until I'm done and then post one MASSIVE update. I’m also looking for a ‘Friends Only’ banner. Maybe a piece of really great photography (….hmmm how about it ramblingmadman?).

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The worst day ever. [Wednesday
August 31,2005 10:36 pm
[ mood | *sigh* ]

Yesterday I went to the DMV at 8:30ish to get my license, I had gone the week before but was unable to take the driving portion because there were no slots left, and I had well, failed, the computer/written portion because I did not know I was going to be expected to take it.

To get to the DMV, I had to drive with my grandmother. Driving with her is the most harrowing and nerve-wracking experience. She's a dreadful driver, yells a whole lot, very nervous, and gets lost a lot.

So by the time I got to the DMV, my nerves were relatively shot. I took the written/computerized part again, and passed, I was then told to come back at 1pm for my driving test.

So I hung out at home for 3 hours before we (my grandmother and I went back). I fought with my grandmother because she didn't want to let me drive back from the DMV after I got my license, which infuriated me. Less than 40 minutes before we were set to leave my mother came home to pick up some things for her class, she basically spent the 15 minutes she was home berating me. Fun stuff.

We headed back to the DMV, again my grandmother driving of course, so it was stressful. When I went inside I was told to take all my paperwork get in my car and drive around to the backside of the building. My grandmother got into the backseat and I went around to the back, with her critiquing my driving as we went. I ended up spending close to 30 minutes waiting in the line of cars for my turn. It was beyond unpleasant. Outside it was over 100 degrees. The car was hot. Since there would be long periods of time without having to move the car, I kept it on the battery to save gas.

Apparently if you are running one solely the battery, then the air conditioning doesn't work so well. Every couple of minutes I would restart the car and move up a few feet into the line.

A tester came to my car when I was near the front of the car telling me to get my papers ready and told my grandmother she's need to go back inside since no other parties were allowed to be in the car besides the tester and testee. I got my papers together. This included a copy of the insurance on the car, which my dad (it was his car) kept in the glove compartment. A rather stern looking Asian woman came up the car and barked at me asking for the papers. I gave them to her. She looked them over and then informs me that the insurance was expired. I was flabbergasted. My father is the most responsible person on the planet. Period. I just assumed I grabbed an old copy and the new one was in the glove compartment. While I was rummaging through my dad's papers the woman handed me back my testing form and told me to come back another day. I closed my window as she walked off. And was on the brink of tears because I was so frustrated and disappointed.

As I turned the keys in the ignition, the engine would not start. I tried again and again but to no avail. One of the cars behind me started honking and that's when I started crying.

One of the other DMV people walked up to my car and I told her it had died, so she began instructing the cars behind me to go around. I was suddenly furious, and I placed all that anger on my dad, for some odd reason. I stormed out of the car and marched back into the DMV, took my grandmother's cell phone and called my dad. In between my usage of every curse word in the book and my sobbing I managed to convey to my dad what had happened. He wasn't sure what to do and told me to call my mother, since he had no car because we had it. I called my mother, and she called my father to work things out, not before making some sort of snide jab at me. My mother called me back telling me that my father was going to take my mother's van over to the DMV with starter cables. I sat in the very packed waiting room at the DMV waiting, feeling very warm and frazzled. One of the times I walked outside to check to see if my father was there yet, a homeless man leered me at, which made me feel even more freaked.

Finally my father arrived and pulled the van in right in front of the car, before he jumpstarted the car he tried to start it again, and the engine worked! After I explained to him how I kept running the battery and turning the car on and off, he said that this had shorted the battery and needed time to work properly again. He told me to ask one of the DMV testers around if there were still any spots left for driving tests that day, I did, and there were.

I was told to go back inside and get new paperwork. I went back in, and the person at the front desk treated me like a complete ignorant. She kept telling me to go to the testing center to see if they had anymore time slots, and I kept telling her I had. I thought by testing center she meant the driving area, but she meant the area inside with the computers and such. I went over there, got my paperwork and took the car back around the building. My dad came back there as I was waiting to check on me. I was talking to him with my car door open, he went to shut the door not noticing my index finger on my left hand was there, and slammed it on my finger. It hurt, but not a whole lot, and wasn't broken so I wasn't going to let it deter me from taking my test. When the tester came by, it just happened to be the same one as before, the grumpy Asian woman. I thought perhaps if I was friendly to her, she'd be friendly back. Didn't happen.

We started the test and I pulled out of the driving lot and she told me to parallel park between two cones. I didn't know I had to parallel, everyone I had asked, including people at the DMV told me that it had been taken off the test. I made an attempt at remembering everything Michael had told me, and used logic and managed it.Then she had me back up, but apparently she thought I did it to fast. Throughout the entire test she instructed me like I was some sort of idiot, a completely clueless moron.


And she picked it up.


She was on the phone during my test.

It was rather distracting.

After a bit she told me to pull back into the parking lot and pull over. I did, and she told me, "You got a lot of things really wrong."

I was like, "Uh, okay."

"You went too fast during while you were backing up."


"Do you know what a T-intersection is?"

Before I could even answer, she started drawing me a diagram of a T-intersection. Then she quickly turns to me and goes "What do you do when you get to T-intersection?"

That through me a bit, but I managed to answer (oh so articulately) "Uhm, you, uh, stop?"

"You stop? Are you sure about that?"

To which I responded, "You slow down?"

"You make a full stop when you reach a T-intersection and then you look both ways and then make you turn."

I told her that I thought that's what I did, she said I didn't, I just slowed down and turned. For the two T-intersections she had been on the phone. She then told me I failed, and should practice some more and had until November to retake it. While she was saying that my tears began to well up in my eye.

I sat in the car by myself just sobbing for a few moments. My dad and grandmother were nearby, so I got out of the car still crying and told them what happend. My dad immedietly wanted to go over what had happend, but I just couldn't. I just told them both I really wanted to go home, right away.

I got in the car with my grandmother, and drove home. When I got home I went to the couch, grabbed a pillow, cried some more and fell asleep. Our contracter came by like 40 minutes later, and it woke me up enough to move myself to my bed. When I finally got up later, maybe 10ish, I had to deal with my sister's torture throwing my failure in my face and my mother suggesting maybe I take some driving classes.


I'm a good driver. It was just that I was so frazzled, from all the crap that had happened before. OKAY?
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